Board Members

Brad Donaldson

Brad Donaldson is the Chief Operating Officer for the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance and is a founding member of the company, having acted in and directed dozens of productions.



Mark Germscheid

Mark Germscheid is a management consultant and project manager in the water utility industry and has been a Chameleon board member for over two years in a variety of roles.



Marlo Teal

Marlo Teal is a Marketing Project Manager for Inver Hills Community College and Dakota County Technical College. She has been active with the company since moving to the Twin Cities in 2012, choreographing and performing in numerous productions.




Jim Vogel

Jim Vogel is retired, having been employed as a training coordinator, programmer, auditor, and manager by the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry for over 35 years, and has acted in and directed company productions for over 15 years.